At this event we explored a highly anticipated topic: burnout. We’ll cover what it is, how to recognise when it’s happening and how to use boundaries and other tools to come through it, avoiding future occurrence.

Caitlin & Molly Aldrich-Wincer - AW: ‘Burnout and Boundaries’
AW will explored Caitlin’s personal experience of burnout, how to recognise when it’s happening to you and how to use boundaries to overcome it. There will also be an optional task designed to empower you to identify and manage burnout yourself in a healthy and proactive way.

AW is a grassroots business consultancy that focuses on organisational wellbeing, founded by sisters, Caitlin and Molly Aldrich-Wincer.

Caitlin is a marketing manager at a professional training business in Brighton. Describing herself as a results driven marketing specialist, Caitlin has worked within marketing for over seven years across various industries including engineering, oil and gas, law, food and education. Caitlin is passionate about closing the gap between employer and employee and creating healthy work environments in which individuals and businesses can thrive.

Molly works within donor development at the RSPCA. Molly’s passion for the third sector was sparked in 2011 when she volunteered in a local charity shop, since then she has worked for a variety of organisations supporting causes such as community arts, inclusive design, unpaid Carers and young entrepreneurs. Molly is passionate about authentic working, corporate social responsibility and inclusivity. She can also be found talking about feminism, LGBTQI+ issues and her experiences as a young professional.

Emily Alpert - Vodafone: ‘It’s Not Them, It’s Me’

Ever wondered what Siberian Huskies and ‘just saying no’ have in common? For one woman, they were her reason and her strategy for overcoming and preventing burnout.
With all the pressures in and outside of the office to work harder, work longer hours and just prove yourself, burnout seems inevitable. But against the odds, we do actually have the ability to find work-life balance, we just have to create it.

Emily is a UX Designer at Vodafone UK. She recently made the switch to UX Design after completing an immersive course at RED Academy London. In her former life, she campaigned to reduce poverty in Africa and Asia through improved farming, nutrition, and rural development while working for charities such as Oxfam America and The ONE Campaign.
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