Working in the tech industry can sometimes make us feel inferior. It’s easy to start believing that everyone knows more, or finds the work easier. When we’re surrounded by so many clever people, how can we not start to judge ourselves against them and our work against theirs?
At this month’s social, Jo Franchetti from Trainline shared with us how to spot these destructive thought patterns in yourself, how to manage anxiety and procrastination and how to start being kinder to yourself, because you are awesome. Jo also did this talk at ‘you got this conference’ and it was recorded so if you’d like to watch it again, you can find it here.
We also learnt about sexual wellbeing and how self pleasure affects your confidence, relationships and the way you communicate. Lisa Matzi from Ferly, spoke to us about how our experiences can lead to an unhealthy relationship with sex and our own body.
For our lightning talk we had Kelly Hutchinson & Charlotte Breton Schreiner from Facebook, who shared their personal experiences of imposter syndrome while working in a well known company with a large team of designers.
If you were unable to make it, you can catch a few glimpses of the action on our Instagram Story.
Thank you all for such open and candid conversation, the topics resonated with so many of us at a deeper level and by being that accepting of vulnerability helps each and everyone of us in a huge way.
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