The idea for our February social was thought up when I visited fellow Triangirl Kelly. She told me that she would love to do a talk at one of our events, but didn't have the confidence. I felt exactly the same, so figured if we did, others might too.
Somewhat serendipitously, Ella tweeted her New Year's resolutions, which included wanting to do more public speaking: I thought she'd be perfect for our event. Having a big name speaker who does all of the conferences wouldn't have worked, we needed someone who was just like us (shit scared), someone we could all relate to. After speaking to Idean, they were keen to run a workshop, and coming up with a plan for your public speaking goal sounded awesome.
We knew the event was going to be great when we sold out of tickets super quickly and watched the waitlist grow and grow.
On the night itself, Idean's space looked amazing, we had catering from Feast & Social and Business Witch had some brilliant swag. The best thing about the night was the community. Everyone who spoke was doing it for the first time, and it felt amazing to give those individuals the opportunity to do that. Once we had finished the workshop, we opened the floor to people to come up in pairs and share their personal public speaking goals. It was so empowering to see so many of you get up and absolutely nail public speaking.
By the end of the evening, I was so full of tears, love and pride about the warm and welcoming community we've created, one where we really can help women face their fears and become stronger, together.

- Rachael, Co-Founder of Triangirls.
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