Jane is an award-winning designer and has spoken and given keynotes at conferences all over the world. She is the Director of Product Design at Babylon Health, the UK’s leading digital healthcare service.

Previously, Jane was the Director of Design and UX at MOO. Before that, she helped grow the team at The Telegraph from one to twenty, led the redesign of their website and several apps. She has also worked at GDS (home of gov.uk), in an online trading firm, in start-ups and in agencies. She loves building high performing design teams and leading digital transformations.

Her talk ‘The Three Stages of Leadership’ covers the transitions she took. Jane admits that each of these three stages of leadership were very tough, painful, and sucky. She spoke about the mistakes she made and the lessons she learned, and gave us hard-won advice so that when we get promoted we won’t suck at all.

Lightning Talk: Sära Furlong on Pay Negotiations

Sära is currently a Design Lead for Octopus Labs, London. Formally Design Lead at IBM Watson and Karmarama (Accenture Interactive).

In Sara’s lightning talk, she discussed some of the studies that suggest why women are on average less likely than men to negotiate for what they want and some tips from her own career experience on how we can help to combat this problem together in our own small way.

In 2018, some things are still a little hard to swallow. Men and women are largely still treated unequally in the workplace. Women continue to earn less, on average, for the same performance, and they remain underrepresented in top jobs. While some recent figures show that the representation of women in tech is on the rise, research has also shown that both conscious and subconscious biases contribute to the ever-present problem of inequality. But is there another, subtler cause of the issue: Women often don’t get what they want and deserve because they don’t ask for it?

We were kindly hosted by Busuu, in their beautiful Finsbury Square offices.
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