Meet other working parents to discuss how to manage work/life balance with the addition of little ones.
Topics we'll cover: what maternity and paternity leave is really like, how to make time for yourself, what returning to work is like and finding that all important balance between work, little ones and you.
Sarah June Fox - Product Designer @ Trainline
Motherhood is quite an experience, better than I could have ever imagined with more challenges than I can honestly say I’ve truly faced before. It is far too easy to forget about the importance of taking care of ones-self when you’re meant to be worrying about your baby and your house and you career (and a puppy for some too) It sounds obvious, but I feel like I’m the first thing that gets forgotten when the madness is all piling up. My life is so different now, the pace of it is altered, the priorities are new and my little man has captured my heart. Sadly there is no motherhood manual, but I will share with you how I learned to balance my mayhem. Once I managed that, I loved every minute, even the screamy, barfy, pooey, food-throwing, phone-smashing, no sleeping bits.
Design is my second career. I worked in music for quite a while then fell naturally into Visual Communications when I needed a change of focus. Now I consider myself multidisciplinary: I work in product but I’m also a motionographer, printmaker, wanna-be writer and devoted type nerd.
Following my degree I worked as a freelance designer in Dublin in both print and web studios and was lucky to have experience working on projects from conception to production in small and large teams and also on a freelance basis. The scope of this work was varied, but mainly resided in the cultural sector. My move into product coincided with my move to London.
I am passionate about user-centred design, about research, analysis and problem solving. I am a strong believer that design should be attractive, intuitive and easy to use but above all, that it is about communication. I currently work in Trainline looking after their white label product suite. Outside of work I am a runner, reader and have recently made a new human.

Haley Gould - Senior UX Designer at Compare the Market
Never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined having a baby in London, let along on the other side of the world from my family. Yet this all changed when I met my future husband and several years later we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Having my first baby in London whilst working in the tech scene hasn’t always been cute dimples, babyccino dates and a walk in the park with the stroller, but overall it’s given me a fresh perspective on so many things - work, time management, friends, and life in general. I thought I would share with you my journey into motherhood, from pregnancy battles, to some of my biggest fears, with some (hopefully) sound advice along the way.
Haley is a Senior UX Designer at Compare the Market, London. Starting her career as a graphic and web designer, with a two year stint teaching design, her transition into UX has been a natural one. Prior to CTM Haley’s industry experience ranges from creative agency, in house, freelance, ecomm, education and fintech. She loves to research, craft, and communicate her designs and work with brands to help them to craft beautiful products that impact people’s every day lives. Away from work, you’ll find Haley doing her own personal creative side hustles, marathon training, travelling and spending time with her active 2 year boy, Harvey.​​​​​​​
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