Meri Williams - creating space to be awesome
Bringing agile approaches into how we manage people and lead teams can have wonderful, far-reaching impact. How do we get the most out of these new ways of working and also ensure that we create an inclusive environment where all types of people can be successful? In this session we’ll take a closer look at the science behind great people management, to figure out how to bring these together and craft space for everyone to be awesome.
Meri is an experienced technology leader, known for building and scaling technology organisations in a range of sectors including banking, ecommerce, government, telco and manufacturing. She is currently CTO at mobile-first challenger bank Monzo, after serving as CTO at award-winning online print & design company MOO for the previous two years.
Prior to that she led engineering at Marks & Spencer, delivery at the Government Digital Service, and spent the first ten years of her career at Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest fast moving consumer goods company. She’s led teams ranging in size from 30 to 300, mostly with folks spread across the world.
A published author and international speaker, she is the host and co-curator of The Lead Developer conference in London, Austin and New York. She is also a Technology Advisor for Kindred VC, which practices equitable venture, where any entrepreneur that is backed by Kindred becomes a co-owner in the fund.

Daniel Irvine - Building inclusion from the bottom up
Inclusion is something that every team member can help with. This talk is a story about how we built a successful team of developers with inclusion as a core value. It was the developers, not management, who decided to value people before code. That experience has had a lasting impact on my career. I’ll explore the techniques we used and I’ll discuss how I continue to apply what I learned with each of the clients that I work with today.
Daniel (he/him) is a software consultant based in London, and author of Mastering React Test-Driven Development. He is a member of the European software craft community and works with a variety of languages including C#, Clojure, JavaScript, and Ruby. He’s a mentor and coach for junior developers and runs TDD and XP workshops and courses. When he’s not working, he spends time cooking and practicing yoga. He co-founded and runs the Queer Code London meetup.

Anna Fletcher Morris - the importance of using the correct pronouns
Anna Fletcher Morris is Head of Delivery Operations at TAB. Over the past 7 years, Anna has led large-scale Agile transformations for organisations such as Ford, Tesco and TfL. Anna is an Agile delivery expert who has helped large organisations build their flagship digital products at pace. She is passionate about helping teams become highly effective through coaching, eliminating waste and a relentless focus on value. Anna has recently contributed to the book Agile for Everybody.

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