A lot of women in tech events are focused at getting women in the door. This is essential, but progression and retention are rarely topics.
We had a panel discussion framed around the successes and accomplishments of the amazing women who’ll be joining us. Topics we discussed include promotions and sponsorship, pay, family, and taking leave. Our panellists come from a variety of backgrounds and have paved the way for their own successful careers, which we hope inspired yours.
Our panellists
Sarah June Fox - Product Designer at Trainline
Abadesi Osunsade - Founder of Hustle CrewNonTechTech. Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt and Co-Host Techish podcast
Camila Diaz - Design Manager at Farfetch
Stephanie Richardson-Dreye - Associate Engineering Director at Monzo
Chaired by:
Rachel Simpson, a Senior Designer from Google with experience working on Google Chrome and Emerging Markets.

As part of 'Top of her game' we interviewed Cat Noone on founding multiple businesses, sexual harassment at work, the pay gap, family and being a mother. A huge thank you to Cat, for gifting us with her time and sharing her personal experiences of building her career and motherhood.
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